May 6th is an important date for Atom partner.

Five years ago, this date marked the birth of a great idea, decision, company; Beginning of Atom partner.

Business partners and friends who were with us all this time could notice our growth and development. This is an opportunity to thank all of you who were with us, doing business, supported us actively participated in the creation and implementation of plans and business ventures. This is the path of maturation of Atom partner.

Now it’s time, to sum up, the past five years of operations and express sincere satisfaction and pride in the fact that our development is constant, the objectives are achieved within the set deadline, the number of partners being increased proportionally over the years, as the number of employees who are the basis of this company.

We set certain standards and protocols in business that we strictly comply to the satisfaction of our business partners as well as ours. In this way, we strengthen our mutual trust.

We are ready to move on, for new ideas, for new tasks and challenges for new partnerships. We are ready to continue to create a partner network that is customized for all of us.