„Warm up…to Success“

Atom partner Academy, May 2015.

Do you know how many ideas being born, but how many of them be realized at the end?

And which those who obtain the value and take a high place on your priority scale?

I think, the ones who move forward, faster, directly to the aim.

Our idea was to hear how our partners „breathe“, to see, to anticipate what we can to do, to fix or to change, and in that way to strengthen cooperation and improve performance, our interactions, our business.

We shaped that idea in five soft skills educative workshops which are organized during April and May. As a pilot project, we presented it to our partners and sincerely invited them for interactive participation.

The first spring semester is finished, and the first group of participants of „Warm up…to Success“ academy is conducted. We hope, they enough motivated to continue with us.

This is just warm up for now, and we continue to listen, follow the trends of change and to aspire forward, in synergy with us, to our mutual aim.

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