VIG Plaza, November 27th, 2013

Sometimes we need for a moment to stop exploring the new places, new areas, people, opportunity, the ways of communications.
That’s enough to make a short pause, to remember old places where we feeling enough pleasure, where we would like to return again. From our experience that is VIG Plaza, restaurant „Valcer“.

There we organized our last year’s autumn event, there, for honour of three success business years, again we invite dear people, colleagues, partners that with leisurely sounds of „Jazz Quintet Dirty Mind“ band, on old manner, in the old space, cause of new opportunity, situations and topics, exchange knowledge, experiences and fine words.

One more in line autumn event of Atom partner, organized on November 27th, 2014 in restaurant VIG Plaza.
Dimmed lights have influenced  to a quality of our pics, so these are cannot attest about atmosphere.

But we may.

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Atom partner’s autumn event

– VIG Plaza, November 27th, 2013. –