Atom partner’s prize trip to Istanbul we organized for our partners for months.
We passed through a variety of phases, ideas, plans in order to be willing and agile when the moments of travel comes.

Twenty partners achieved the set  targets  from the starts of this year till the end of September.
Them waited the prize – Chill out on Bosphorus, in Istanbul, we have started October 2nd, 2014 supported by our vendors: Epson, Lexmark i Xerox.

Our general impression is that all was good and expected, in quite unpredictable Istanbul, although then was current Islamic one of the biggest holiday.
Because of excellent weather and mood all of us, this fall travel it could only succeed.

The aim was to get  meet better with partners and to strengthen cooperation with them who are the leaders in markets and who create and follow the market trends.
That was possible because of the quite idyllic and informal atmosphere, we have developed plans that are current to the end of high season, but have started the new ones for the upcoming year.
We believe that the our vendors and partners also satisfied with the organisation, contents, competitions we have  prepared, as well as with awards we shared to the partners.
The photos will closely describe  the beauty of this multimillion fairytale city and we are left with a nice memory of a wonderful friendship and journey, as hope there will be more opportunities and a more cheerful partner for the organization of any future trips.
This year was marked by the East, and where we travel next year?
We are ready to move into new preparations, and invite you to participate together in the planning of a new chill outs.

„Chill out on Bosphorus“

Istanbul, 2-4. October 2014.