Dear Partners,

We celebrated second anniversary of Atom partner company in the sign of the old times and new achivements. Celebration, and business event also, were organized in the city of Niš on 9-10 th May 2013. The main goal was to connect symbolic meaning of the ancient sign “In this sign You will conquer (win)” with business philosophy of Atom partner company.

First day was reserved for Atom partner’s vendors presentations theirs novelties and theirs opinion how to do profitable business with Atom partner. Presentations were very interesting, informative and interactive which resulted with better understanding and connecting among partners and Atom partner. The evening, as usual, was relaxing part of the day, planned for music, dinner and party time.

We had organized excursion “The path of the Rajac taverns” for the second day. It was exploring excursion over the hard to pass roads of Eastern Serbia. Because of that “unique experience” it became hard to forget moment which ended with the wine tasting and excellent food in the etno-tavern of Mišić family.

Here you can find some photos to remember of an Atom partner business event.

In this sign You will conquer
(In hoc signo vinces)

Hotel “Tami Residence” – Niš
09. – 10. May 2013.