“Quiz without borders – Planet Earth”
Kalemegdan, June 9, 2017

“A man has the right to look at another from above, only when he needs to be helped to stand up.”

The traditional, tenth in a row, “Quiz without borders” under this year’s title “Planet Earth” on Friday, June 9, 2017, was organized by the Museum of Natural History and the elementary school “Bosko Buha” in Kalemegdan.

The quiz was attended by elementary school students from Belgrade schools that educate children with disabilities, divided into teams. The quiz was led by Sonja Srejić, the organizer, and the jury consisted of Tamara Aleksić – actress, president, Dubravko Jovanović, actor, Vladimir Paunović, actor and Miloš Jović, curator of the Natural History Museum. The celebration was completed by the magician Igor and the Association for Animation of Children “Chigra” with their repertoire.

Numerous companies and individuals were donors of the quiz, and Atom Partner as the main donor donated a Lexmark printer to this year’s winner. The winner is the Zvezda team that represented the elementary school “Mladost” from Pirot.

The motto of the quiz is that everyone is a winner and everyone gets prizes, and the teams that win the first three places win a prize for their school or association.