Tuscany and Umbria

5-7. October 2017

This year, as we promised our partners last year, we put the pin on the map in the area of ​​Tuscany and Umbria.

Not just one place, not just one metropolis and not just a vacation, but something completely different.

The trip differed from the previous ones. The rhythm was faster, but it is also a good preparation and stir for the high season, which is in full swing.

Despite that, we had quite enough time to socialize with wine and food.

Our partners are already used to the full atmosphere. This year, we offered them a more active arrangement, where, in addition to visiting, they could get to know cities and landscapes through food and drink, where they could get along with the environment on stone squares by drinking the most popular coffee in Italy ka

We visited rich historical cities, full of authentic piquancy unique to them: Perugia, Siena, Florence. We stayed in the heart of Tuscany, in the city of San Gimignano – the sum of several remaining fortresses on the hills surrounded by vineyards and indigenous conifers.

Wherever we turned, we could feel that these landscapes exuded hedonism. And that was our starting motive.

The leitmotif of this region is, of course – wine, and as such unavoidable in its magnificence.

We tasted the wines of the Fattoria San Donato farm with food that fit perfectly. I believe that the impressions of those present are at a high level.

The next trip will mark the mini jubilee of our Incentive activity. And it will be original in everything.

See the gallery of pictures from our trip: