Valencia, Spain

October 14-17th, 2018

Valencia is this year a chosen destination for our partner’s incentive trip.

Small jubilee – fifth year of friendship through such incentive concept.

In accordance with quantity of free time and space we have given to our partners, how they can experience on their manner  this city, it could be said that the choice was absolutely accordant with the mentality of this climate.

Mediterranean, wide beaches, drinking of popular Aqua de Valencia…it enough mention also a split shift working hours and careless access from local people.

We recognize a need for such modality like this which be softened a voltage of peak season and get power and energy to partners from new climate for second half-time.

But it was a manner to introduce the authenticity of this city at a glance, as a teaser, to run a need and desire to our partners to further discover this destination, which is not that much popular, to be a must have to visit.

We believe that we made one more atomic story and one more set of mutual memories, strong hoop in a partnership network.

Hope that this trip was suited to all our partners.