Developing and Delivering Winning Sales! Why Xerox?

Xerox education-Best Western „Šumadija hotel“, February 19th 2014

The Marketing Manager Sveto Grigorov, from Xerox company, has presented to us the new ways how we can use the printer, purposefulness of devices which we use daily or these devices are  the focus of our selling. He has shown us how we can maximize the resources we have, in situations typical for the high technology area, started with the benefits these devices:
Mobility, multitasking, transferability, connectivity, security, as well as through many options which offered on Xerox portal. All of this is because of the simplest business, and bigger security of documentation which we scan, print, copying…In a special way, he has shown what is important for a successful sale and which marketing activities are supportive of it.

We believe that the participants had the opportunity to meet with topics that will in future life and work will be able to utilize of the right way.

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Xerox education – Best Western „Šumadija hotel“

– February 19th 2014 –