“The little of us might be a lot for those which don’t have anything.”

Lead by humanity and awareness of existence of the marginalized groups in Serbia which desperately need any kind of help, Atom partner Company has contributed in help for Romanier’s children center organization. Xerox WorkCentre 3045b printer has been donated as device that is capable for perfect and efficient work.
Dealing with human rights of Romaniers population in Serbia is the main occupation of the RCC organization. Existence and activities of the RCC (as NVO) are directed towards the achieving of social justice, respecting of human rights and reducing a discrimination, especially against children and women.

RCC personnel has been occupied with helping Romanier and non-Romanier women, which are domestic abuse victims. The five RCC female associates have gained certain skills through various training and now they are also associates of Belgrade’s call center “SOS telephone for children and women, the victims of domestic abuse”. RCC organizes literacy classes and works on education issues through educational workshops for Romaniers women.
We believe that our contribution will help the RCC organization to grow and that our example will be a good sign for other companies to follow us in this mission.

Yours faithfully,
Atom partner